Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Belt...

You made me instantly wet when You told me i was getting a spanking. Your tone let me know i wasn't in real, Real trouble...it's just that You were in one of those wicked moods. As i lay there with my face burried in Your pillows, breathing Your scent, i'm tuned to every syllable leaving Your lips... "sly? you are to count out each lash. Understood?" "yes, Ma'am!" oooo...You Know i can't stand to count out lashes! And since You aren't real, Real mad at me, and it's just kindof a "Fun" spanking... "One!" That first lash was a bit alarming, but if there were any doubts before, i Knew this was just a fun spanking... Next lash... a giggley "One!" "Oh....really, sly? Lost count already?" And another, harder lash comes whipping down across my ass... "lol....ONe!" You kinda laugh and rise to the challenge...a little harder. "OMG! ....ONE!" "Damnit! ...ONE!" "ONE!" "ONE!" "ONE!" "FUCK!! OOOOOOONE!" my voice is cracking. i feel the heat on my ass rising, and i'm starting to break a sweat... Each lash gets a bit harder than the last. It's become a test of the wills at this point. Principle... Another CRACK, and i caught a glance of Your face. i knew You weren't amused anymore. i cry out "TWO!" and begin to get a bit weepy...wanting to cry...needing too, but still not quite to the point i could let go. "THREE!...MsHope!" "FOUR!!...i'm Sorry!" "FIVE!!....Pleassssse!" "Please, What, sly? I have your attention now?" "OH GOD!....SIX! yes, Ma'am!" and i start to weep. "Good." You say... "SSSSSSSSEVENNNN!!!" "Hush, sly! No more talking! No more counting!" "CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK..." And i didn't say a word. i cried.

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  1. Wow! It's short but good! it almost got me where I needed to go ! Thanks!