Friday, April 1, 2011

i got spanked today...

i got spanked today. With the Jokari paddle! i know i deserved it. She said, "You need a Spanking! Go get your paddle." So, i did.

She keeps it in my panties drawer so i will see it every morning as a reminder of what happens in this house when young women misbehave...

When i returned with the paddle, she made me stand at the foot of my bed and told me to pull my shorts and panties down. "ALL the way, your ankles, sly." So, i did.

She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed forward until she had me bent over the bed, my bottom all exposed and vulnerable...

"Crack!" went the first lick, and i about came off the bed! i couldn't believe how hard it was. Mommy was Mad! Then "Crack!" went the second lick, and i started to cry. i usually don't cry when i get spanked. By the third "CRACK!" She started scolding me. After that, i lost count. i was in another world. i could still hear the crisp sound of the wood against my bare skin, and my bottom was a blazing fire, but all that was to me in that moment was her tone as she transformed me back into the obedient young lady she expects me to be, "At All/Crack! Times/CRACK!"

And my bottom is still hot. :)


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