Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Explain...

i am having a lot of trouble explaining this kink i have to my partner. How do you tell someone you want to be spanked? i mean...i already told her, and she's clear on that part. After i stumbled and blushed and tried to make any sense of what i was trying to communicate to her, she simply said, "So, you like to be spanked."

Yes...i like to be spanked.

That should be easy enough, but it's not. It's not just about being's everything that goes along with submitting to someone in that way. It's the scolding, it's the power exchange, it's the control i want taken away from me... i don't want to just be Mindlessly spanked. i want there to be Reason's why i'm being spanked. i want there to be expectations placed upon me. i want structure, and accountability..and i don't want to have to ask for a spanking, Ever again. i want her to know, by my actions, when i'm begging for her discipline.

It seems So easy to me and natural. But how do i take that ease and place it in the hands of someone who's never even heard of this lifestyle? How do i explain to a vanilla that seems so intrigued by this new world i'm trying to open up to her?

i'm even having very strong Dominant thoughts about playing with her...maybe to show her what i want? i'm not sure why it's coming out that way because i am the submissive...and i have this very strong desire to turn her over my knee. That's Crazy!

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