Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late Again!

For my Ma'am...

i was 30 minutes late coming to meet her. She had made dinner plans with some of her friends she wanted me to meet. She'd been looking forward to this gathering all week long and reminded me earlier in the day, "Don't be late!"

i was stuck in traffic on 285. i thought i'd be able to use that as an excuse. The entire time Knowing what she was going to say to that. "You should have Planned for traffic and left Earlier, rayn!" And she would be right. i ran into some friends of mine, and i was engrossed in conversation and lost track of time. And what's worse...this is not the first time this has happened...

my heart was pounding when i pulled in the driveway. i knew Ma'am was going to be livid, and rightfully so! i can't Believe i'm late anyway...i Knew how important this was to her.

i parked the car and made my way to the house quickly. When i opened the door, all i saw was her hand reaching out for me. She grabbed me by my arm and pulled me in the house and started whipping me with her belt all the way down the hallway, into my room. She was scolding me, telling me "You Know how important this dinner is to me! What Were You Thinking!!" She yanked down my shorts, panties and all, threw me across the bed and spanked my ass hard with that damn belt.

Suddenly she stopped, pulled me back to my feet and told me to get ready. And "HURRY/CRACK!" She already had what she wanted me to wear all laid out. She continued spanking me the whole time i was getting dressed telling me how "Lucky/Crack you Are/Crack that we have to BE/Crack! somewhere! Oooo!! sly! Crack Crack just Wait/Crack! until we get home, girl! You are in So/Crack Much/Crack TROUBLE/CRACK!!"

i am finally dressed and ready to leave the house. i hear her high heals clicking down the hallway, and she's dugging around in her purse. She stops me in the living room and yanks my pants down one more time, bends me over the arm of the couch and spreads my cheeks. "Here. Take this." As she presses the remote control bullet into my bottom until i open up and accept it, taking it from her fingertips. "You're going to wear this tonight, and you better not make a Sound when i turn it on. Do You Understand?" "yes Ma'am!" "Good. Because that's Nothing compared to what's going up that little ass when we get home. Now, get in the car! We are Late!"


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