Sunday, August 23, 2009

My little wife...

I stayed out late on purpose, trying to give you Plenty of time to get your assignment done before the end of the day...

it had been such a long day, i couldn't wait to see you. Though part of me shivered, as i didn't know how upset you might be with me. Safer really just to not think about that, and make sure the house looks and smells nice.

I pulled into the driveway and saw the warm lighting of our home glowing in the summer night. Even from the driveway, I could smell the scented candles you always light in the evenings throughout the house. It was so nice to be home, and I could not wait to get my arms wrapped tight around you. I Hoped you had gotten your assignment done, but you've been acting so bratty lately, I had a feeling you had made a point to make me have to "Deal" with you harshly.

Well. It's not like I could blame you much. It has been a very long time since I've been able to give you the proper attention that I know you need. I guess it's not totally your fault that you Must have forgotten when I put down a deadline, I expect it to be met. I've been letting you slide for months now. Making excuses for your attitude and general disrespect altogether...

But, ...not tonight, angie. If my baby didn't do as I asked of her, she is going to be one, Sorry little wife!

Part of me is feeling a little pouty, and a little bratty, as well, and not all in a good way. I've been leaving little hings for a while now, trying to let you know without having to actually Talk to you about it and just say it, that i feel out of control and frustrated and worried and scared. Of course, coward that i am, while i may have 'bratted' just a bit, i've made sure not to break any big rules or do any safety related nonsense, i didn't want a blistering.

I walk through the front door and hear the music playing throughout our home. Ah! So she's in a jazzy mood tonight. Love it!

i'd heard you pull up, heard you shut the door, then the door to the house open and close. i don't go down to you like i normally would, i am lost in thought, after all.

I don't see you right away, so I go to the kitchen...not there. Neither is that list on the kitchen table. I go into the den. No sign of list anywhere in sight. So, I make my way through the house, one room at a time, not finding you or the list anywhere. Finally, the last place I look, which I figured that's where you were...I was mostly looking for the completed list...hoping to find it before I found you...

i can't believe how mean you are! i mean, you aren't calling for me to come to you, and i'm certainly not going to go running now, gosh! but to go through room by room, when you Have to know where i am, just so that i have to wait and squirm, well,that is just mean! so i decide to pout a bit.

But no, there you were, at your desk, on the computer, reading and browsing through all sorts of spanking blogs and pictures with your little glass of wine sitting within reach. You look up...So sexy when you look up at me like that...your hair pulled back, braided. And I love your glasses...such a turn on!

well Finally! i hear you come in, and know you are leaning against the door jam, and i smile to myself; i can pout again when i turn to you. i start to feel flushed and a bit embarrassed and shy, i can feel your eyes on me, staring, so possesive.

"Hey babygirl. Kiss! *sits down in the chair in front of your desk* How was your day, baby?" And you proceeded to fill me in...

"Oh, hi!" i say, as if surprised to see you. The kiss is genuine though, even if i did forget to pout again as I turned. I love it when you sit close like that, even if it's not as nice as sitting on your lap. I let my foot slide softly up down your calf as i fill you in on the mundane of my day.

I nod, and listen, and comment. And when it's all said and done, we laugh and sigh and are thankful to be home...together.

A few minutes pass, and I continue to sit there...trying to read you. You go back to browsing the Internet.

my update done, you haven't said anything else, and a part of me is disappointed, and my lip does come back out. So fine, i go back to naughty browsing,and you don't even put me on your lap!

"Oh!" I exclaim, as if I had actually forgotten... "Where did you put that list I asked for, babygirl? The one I asked you for yesterday about what you like for breakfast and lunch?"

oh! oh! You did remember! oh yes! I know my eyes went wide, even though i didn't dare look at you, i crumble to easily when i look at you and i'm in trouble, so i just look at my computer, but my tummy has butterflys, and lower parts are quite warm, and i'm nervous scared too, and my nipples are So hard.

you Briefly look up and give your head a little shake "no" and say, "Honey, i Really didn't have time for that today...Work, yanno. It's Always busiest right before school starts. Immunization shots, sports releases, the first of the Autumn colds just starting. You know, Baby...i was just too busy..."

and i think that has got to be the Lamest excuse ever! gosh, so what if that was all true! i mean, even if i'd been busy during the day, why was i goofing off and playing instead of doing what you told me to now!? i bit my lip as i 'ignored' you.

And it's in That instance I knew how badly you needed this...

"And you're porn surfing right now forrrr...Which patient?"

"oh, um, that. That isn't for a patient, and you know it, gosh! and it's not porn, it's spanking stuff and girls, that isn't porn! It's just fun relaxing stuff! And it's for me, it's been a long day and i just wanted to relax a bit, and..."

That's when I stand up, pushing my chair backwards and it makes that screeching sound wood on wood makes when rubbing together. That must have gotten your attention, because all I see now are little doe eyes watching me come closer and you reaching to turn your computer off...


I come to you and take you by the wrist, stand you up and pull you along behind me. "angela lynn Johnson! you Are going to Learn when I ask you to do something, I Expect it to be done, young lady!" I pull you along behind me, down the stairs, through the living room, to the den where I take the punishment belt off of it's hook on the wall and lead you to the kitchen table.

i 'oh!' again, as you simply start walking, the very act of you doing it, bringing me out of my chair, and i stumble at first, then come behind you, and i'm feeling more like 14 and in trouble now, then your wife.

And even more then your words, and those aren't joking words, your tone lets me know you Aren't playing, this is Not a game! NOW i'm sorry and repentant and regretting i hadn't behaved.

"Yes Sly! i understand Daddie, i'll get going on it right now, i'm sorry i didn't earli....oh!"

The last was when i saw you take The strap off the hook! I blush and squirm everytime i see it hanging there, i can't believe you just have it out where all of our friends and family can see it like that. And seeing it in your hand, i'm beginning to remember how Badly that belt hurts!

you are apologizing, and pleading with me that you will do it Right now, and that you are "Sorry for disobeying me, and it won't Ever happen again, Daddie, just Please! Please! Don't spank me, Daddie!!!"

Down across the table, I bend you over, placing your hands above your head, palms face down on the table and tell you to keep them there! I stick my fingers in the waist of your jeans and pull them down forcefully! Your panties follow as I continue to pull and tug at them until they are at your knees.

i squeal as you bend me over, feeling like a schoolgirl over Daddie's desk, and i'm already sniffling, feeling sorry for myself. I gasp as you place my hands where you want them, and pray that i can keep them there when my strapping starts! I squeal and shamelessly plead again, when i feel my pants yanked down, and then my panties and the cool air runs over and then between my chubby cheeks.

I take you by your hips and position you on that table Exactly the way I want you! I bend down, grab your ankles, straighten your legs and pulls them together, Tight! and tell you "you Better not Move, naughty girl!

i'm whimpering now, as i answer you. You are Not a happy Daddie at all!

"Y-yes Daddie, i won't, Ma'am, i'll be good, please Daddie, please!"

I stand back up, double the belt over in my hand, and watch you squirm as you hear the buckle jingle.

"Daddie!!! Pleaseeeee!!! i'm Sorryyyyyy! i didn't Mean to Disobey you, Ma'am!!!!"



"Ahhhhh! oh oh it hurtttssssss!!!!" And it did, you laid that first lick on Hard, it felt like you had branded my bottom!

"I've told you once, I've told you a Thousand times, little girl...."



"When I tell you to do something..."


"Oh oh Owwwwiee Daddieeee Plleeeaseee!!!!"

"you DO it!"


"Y-yes Ma'am yes Ma'am, i will i will i will ow oww Ohh please stop Daddie i'm so sorriiIEEEEE!!!!"

"Do you think I just make things up for you to do for the Hell of it, angela lynn?"


"Ow Oh Oh Owwwie Oh No N-no Ma'am, No Daddie I ow Don't Ma'am Ow!"

"Do you Enjoy/CRACK! making me waste/CRACK!!! my time?" CRACKKKK!!!!

"WHY? angela"

"n-Owwww!! no Ma'am no Daddie i don't! i don't! it wasn't that!!!!!"

*takes a fist-full of your hair in my hand and hold your head down to the table*


i'm beyond words at this point, and all i can do is squeal and cry and blubber and bawl! My poor bottom is on Fire, beyond on fire! i can feel the welts swell up get puffy, i'm shrieking out how sorry i am, how i'll obey you, how i'll be good, so good, i'll....

"DON'T you MOVE THOSE HANDS, little girl!"

oh. i hadn't even noticed they had moved, it wasn't like i thought of doing it, it just happened, but i moved them back instantly to over my head!

*striking front hand then back hand across your bottom*


"Dadddiieeee nooooo it Hurttts to much pleaseee i can't take it!" not terribly brave, but accurate, i feel like i'm dying, i'll never sit again, i just know it!


"b-because i was b-being a b-brat and teasing you and t-testin-"


i yelped, but hushed!


I let you lay there and cry it out, all bent over and disheveled across our kitchen table..sobbing, blubbering, hand resting on the small of your back watching your bottom tremble and shake as you sob, petting your beautiful hair with my other hand, shhhing you, my babygirl...shhhhh....

i can't believe how badly i Hurt, how the burn just keeps growing and growing, my bottom feels four times it's normal size, it Throbs, and it Burns and nothing is ever going to make it better and i'm so ashamed of how i acted i just bawl some more...

After your cries slow a bit, I help you up, pull out one of the wooden chairs, remove the little cushion and have you sit down. I walk across the room, open a drawer and return. In front of you, I lay down a pad of paper and a pen, bend down and say into your hear...

"I love you, angie. *Kiss* you write that list now, babygirl."

i look at you in horror, still hiccuping from my crying, and at the chair, i can't believe you are going to make me Sit now! but i can see you are oh so serious, so crying again, hard, i sit, impossible to find a comfortable way to do it, my bottom pressing into the unforgiving chair. And i start on my list.

And I turn around and start making dinner as you sit there and write.

"I'm not through with you, either, young lady. We'll finish discussing this after dinner..."



love and kisses,
your little wife,
angela lynn

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  1. happy sigh!


    This story gets me so Wildly wet every single time I read it, Daddie dear!

    ps, sorry i was such a brat, Ma'am