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sly, dear... F/f

Entry for July 22, 2007

sly dear,

You Will leave her alone about her lines, understand? No more teasing, no more joking, no more implying that she will cheat and not do them. Got it missy? Or, do You need to do a few hundred lines of your own, by hand, and then post them on your page, little girl? And how would I enforce that, you say?

Simple. I won't play with you, or write anything on my blog, till you finished,And I would let everyone know why I wasn't. So, understand, or will you be getting writers cramp, my little panty girl?

As I totally understand what she is going through, as I have the Worst time with writing lines, then trying to get them posted, and people think I cheated or lied, and I didn't. Or, the last time, everytime I send something out now, even from my home office, it has a little tag on the file someplace with my vanilla business on it, so That isn't happening!

Next, as for why you are getting spanked, you know exactly why, don't you? Not for all the things you so nicely confessed to, dear, but for getting your cousin and friend into trouble, for fibbing, for tattling. And then gloating about it.

Now, stop your pouting. I Know she isn't innocent either. She is like you, a naughty girl, neither of you are bad girls, just naughty girls, terribly naughty sometimes. And she will have her tender little rump attended to, when it's time. But, right now, you have my full attention, sweety.
Aunt Angie

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Anyone showing you disrespect or discourtesy simply turn them over to me. I am a behavior modification expert.
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oohhhh ...Thats told het Angie..what a wonderful way with words you have xx Coley
Sunday July 22, 2007 - 10:26pm (BST) Remove Comment

sly Johnson...
Yes Ma'am MsAngie. I will leave Julie alone about the lines. And no Ma'am, I don't need or want any lines to write myself. You know you wouldn't have to enforce anything Ma'am, that I would do it if you requested, without question. So no Ma'am...there's no need to make me write lines. I understand and will not make any further comments about Julie's lines.But Ma'am, respectfully, I'm puzzled as to what you say I was fibbing about. I do admit that I did tattle on Julie...and...well...yes, I gloated about it too. I apologize to You for that Ma'am. But I still don't remember fibbing. Maybe Julie's the one telling "porkies?"~Sly
Sunday July 22, 2007


  1. well hi sweety, kiss, and you were such a good girl about this.


  2. *BLUSH*