Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Perfect Day...draft.

It was all over the local news. A tornado hit around 3:30, Tuesday afternoon. i was driving home with it Directly over my head. i couldn't see a thing...Maybe 3 feet in front of me...nothing on the sides or behind me. Had my air conditioning on full blast to keep the windows from fogging up on me. i was wet from the run across the parking lot to my car, so i was also freezing my butt off trying to keep the windows clear. The cell phone was ringing, radio blasting, limbs falling, leaves being snatched vertically from the wind, but my smile was huge. my adrenaline pumping. i didn't notice the danger around me in the least. i had spent the day with Her! i did her grocery shopping and errands while she stayed at home with her leg propped up from an injured knee, sick with fever and napping. i made her a gallon of tea for the fridge before i left, and i brought her lunch when i returned. i ran my fingers through her hair to help put her to sleep, and i helped get dinner put on the stove once she woke up and ate lunch. i even walked her dog so she didn't have to get out in all the cold mess of the day. i don't think she even realized how special the day was for me...just to DO something for Her! But it was. Very Special. A perfect day, in fact. And when i got home, news reports were on every channel about the tornado and all the damage. Seems i really was driving home right in the middle of it. The funnel touched down in a neighborhood two miles from the road i was on, at the time i was on it, but i didn't notice a thing...

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