Friday, September 25, 2009

Establishing Boundries...Testing the Water...

She just "Whatever'd" me! After asking me a question, which I answered honestly, she "Whatever'd" me? This made for the perfect opportunity to see how she'll accept my dominant side!

"Did you just 'Whatever' me?"

"Yes I did."

"You DO Realize what you just said is a Huge spanking offense. It's rude, disrespectful and Screams that you need attention. And after I answered your question honestly, that's how you speak to me?"

She said, simply, "yep."

YEP?! Ooooo! She's Really asking for it now!

"I am on my way over there, right now, young lady, and my babygirl is going to Learn that her Mommy means business! Put on your pretty panties. I'll be there in 10 minutes."

That is when I learned that she doesn't wear panties...

"Ma'am? but I don't wear panties. I try to make it as easy for you as possible..."

That's just Sexy! Peeling those tight jeans off her bottom before taking her across my knee will be a treat! It makes me weak in the knees just knowing...a massive turn on that I didn't even know I had a kink for. I can't stop thinking about taking her in my mouth...kissing her lips...her sweet scent and the heat coming off of her. The thought is intoxicating...The desire almost painful. *Sigh*

As promised, I was knocking on her door ten minutes later. By the look on her face when she opened it and saw me standing there, I could tell she did not believe that I was truly coming.

Her attitude had changed quite a bit within those 10 little minutes, because I had a very nervous, contrite little girl standing in front of me. So cute...pouty ruby lips, fidgety hands trying to find their place in front of her, eyes on the floor, but when she looked up to me to answer my questions, the sight before me was like no other I have Ever encountered. There she was, MY babygirl...standing right there in front of me...waiting, wanting, Needing...

I took her by her wrist and walked her into the living room towards the sofa. I sat down and stood her in front of me. I took her chin in my fingers and brought her eyes to mine...

"Your safe word is 'red.' You will use this word if we reach your limit. 'Please,' 'no,' 'sorry' and 'stop' will all be ignored. Unless you use your safe word, I will continue on until I feel you have learned your lesson. Got it?"

With a very red face and in such a softened, weakened voice, she managed to squeak out a little "yes Ma'am."

And then it began...



  1. hi Ma'am,
    I'm so happy for the both of you, you are such a great Ma'am, I'm sure you are exactly what she needs. I bet she turns red and creamy when you pop her lips, too.


  2. Hello Sly,

    I received your comment on my blog and rest assured I am alright. My 'little' is not afraid of needles or sharp things. In fact Ma'am has to keep them from me in such a headspace. Know I understand your concern and I thank you for your well wishes...

    Happy spanking,
    Jenni Mack