Sunday, September 27, 2009

i'm Sorry!!!!

i've never felt so ashamed of myself as i do at this moment. i guess i just always thought i'd be able to "cute" my way out of it. But there is Nothing greater regret than when you realize you have Seriously pissed off the object of your desires...

First of all, my voice is gone. i mean, just my throat swallowed itself. When i go to answer Her, nothing but little, tight squeaks come out. Not that She was very concerned with my answers at this point anyway, i think it's just the build up lecture that undoubtedly is supposed to put me in my place...makes me feel so small. i'm so embarrassed...

i'm already in tears! How did She do that? i'm finding myself to be so, So remorseful at this moment. i've never felt this way before! How can She just strip me down with Her words like She is...And She must be taking into consideration the pure honesty on my face as She reads exactly what i am thinking. "Please! You don't have to spank me! i'm really So VERY Sorry, and it will Never, Ever happen again!" And it Won't! But She just calmly and coldly tells me that it is already too late for that, and all my begging is not going to do me any good. The damage has been done, and the fact that we are at This point already, there is no other way. i am going to be punished, and i Am going to be Spanked!

my face is Red! i know it is! i can feel it burn. my heart is pounding now, and i'm starting to breath heavier. How much longer is She going to drag this out! i feel So on my face is getting bigger and bigger the longer i stand in front of Her. i just want to hide! Close my eyes and just Disappear!! But She won't let me! She keeps lifting my face to Her with Her fingers under my chin! Oooo! That just makes it Worse! Makes me feel like Such a child...So immature! i just want to crawl in Her arms and make it all go away! Why won't She just let me! Can't She see how bad i feel about it? How Sorry i am! How Sincere my heart is about this! Why isn't She listening? i'm Sorryyyyyyy!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!! ...


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  1. oh honey, hug!

    I do feel for you,and I'm sorry you got yourself into trouble,