Friday, September 4, 2009


i received a very important request last night. "Text me in the morning, around 9 am, and remind me, please..."

Did She have any idea how precious that was to me? Do You have any idea what a rush i got from that? How i savored every ticking moment that past from the time She requested until the time came to act? OMG!


And You know how i fantasized and twisted the situation into a Top/bottom scene in my head...Making this my first official assignment from Her...

How i imagined this was a test. Her test for me to see if i could follow simple direction... How pleased She would be when that text came through at 9 am sharp. Would She notice? Could She feel the passion behind my actions?

And that simple "Thank you!" in return after the 11th hour of pining was the Sweetest of rewards...


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