Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i've been sick for NINE days now, and it's really starting to get to me! Tonight, i could be sitting in a club with TWO of my most Favorite Crushes! i've been looking forward to tonight since this time last year. it's a good friend's birthday today, and it was a Japanese dinner followed by drinks at the local hang out afterwards. Everyone is there...even as i type this. my urge to go, even now, is So strong. But i'm not. i won't. i've been sick. i look like crap. i still feel like crap. i know i won't be good company. and then, God forbid i get tickled at something and start to laugh...OMGoodness! That would start off a coughing spell that would surly be nothing but embarrassing. i hate summer colds. i can't believe i'm missing out tonight. i really wanted to be there.

i'm bored. i have cabin fever. Not quit ready to go to bed yet...so i thought i'd blog. i'm listening to old, sappy love songs. Hall and Oats, Jefferson Starship, 10cc...i love those old songs. It takes me way back...to places i like to go. i got the blues pretty bad lately. Worse than i've had in a very good bit of years. Not sure why...so much good has happened to me this year so far...lots of reconnecting with the past. i mean, i've found and gotten back in touch with Eveyone i ever wanted to this year. Facebook, MySpace and Classmates.com are Amazing tools for such things. it's been a great adventure. it's been busy. and it's been an endearing time of my life.

LOL...i used to talk about how October was busy for birthdays in my family. Starting Oct 14 until the end of October, there is a birthday every three days in my Immediate family! But now, since reconnecting with my oldest, bestest friends from High School, the birthday bash starts in September now as well! Sept 1, 6, 8, 9, 13, and 17 are all birthday's of close friends

Well..my Mommy just came in and said it's time for me to go the bed, so, that's it for tonight. Just rambling. Night Mommy! I love you!

Sweet kiss and cuddle.



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  1. Babygirl, I'm so very proud of you, for how you did tonight little one, I really am.

    And I'm sorry you are feeling so icky to.

    okay, back to bed honey, Mommy will bring you something to snack on.