Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Great Day...

Today was another great day. It took a different turn than what was planned, but i'm easy to roll with the flow. i learned something important today. i don't think i will complain about not having anything to wear again for a long time. She said if i didn't stop fussing about it, she would strip me naked and stand me in front of the computer where we would review some recent photos together as she pointed out how i was dressed in each photo.

*indignant look*

Suddenly, i became very grateful of all my clothes and decided she was Right! i worried for awhile afterwords about how embarrassing that would have been, and then i got a warm and cuddly feeling inside when thinking of what a creative consequence that was for my Domme to come up with. It made me proud to be Her's!

She got busy during the day, but she made sure i knew Exactly what i was to be doing while she was away. When she left, i felt that old familiar sting of being left alone...but this time it was different. And this time, it didn't make me feel like crawling into a shell when the silence set in. No...this time was different because i was expected to be doing my tasks while she was away. i had a goal to achieve, and i have a Mommy that would be very, Very disappointed if she'd have come home to find me daydreaming while the house needed so much attention. She said things are going to change around here. i believe Her!


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