Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tuesday was not a good day for anyone here, but Wednesday made up for it all. i spent the day with my Mommy! She called me daughter! i baked her my grandmother's seven layer cookies. (i didn't have any...i was just showing off) And we a had few short discussions about discipline. She spoke to me about an issue that had come up, and what she expected out of me, what to do when it comes up again, and how i should handle it. i expect i will do as she says. i have seen that i really do Not want to displease her. So today, i was fueled to get more things accomplished around here. i have some extra chores to do since the Holiday is coming up. We have family coming over, so i have to get ready for them. i made the menu for Thanksgiving dinner and then wrote the grocery list of the items we need to pick up. i cleaned out the fish tanks and turtle tank, which was a CHORE, buddy! lemme tell ya! And i'm gonna clean out the fridge tomorrow. But it's bedtime now, so i can't write anymore tonight. Hope everyone has a really great Holiday this year!


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