Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Long Day...

Today was a challenge. She was having a bad day, and she's told me before, "You don't want to mess up on a good day, but heaven help you if you mess up when I am having a bad day..." So, i remembered that, and tried real hard to stay in good graces and be a good girl. It was REally hard staying on task. i really wanted that adrenaline rush i get when she gets serious and tells me specifically what to do. It is that rush that keeps me focused. So i was slow to get started, slow in getting things done. i did accomplish a few things, but not near as much as i should have. i feel a bit guilty for taking advantage of the situation by sluffing off when i should have been more productive. Tomorrow, i will be a better girl. Tomorrow will be more productive. Tonight, i will do as i was told, and i will be in bed by 11 pm! Sooo...g'night!


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