Saturday, November 13, 2010


As bad as yesterday was, today was as equally Fantastic! i couldn't handle another day like yesterday, so i threw myself into some much needed projects. There is nothing like extra weekend chores of yard work and weed pulling to help put things in perspective. i worked hard today. i cleared my summer garden and got the beds ready for our winter veggies (yes, i am Way late planing this year). i had a nice bonfire going and burned a little pine straw, and a Lot of weeds! i cleaned the turtle pond and did just a whole lot of general yard pick up as well. We had hot dogs for dinner, so i feel like barfing now. Those just aren't the same when you get older. And later on, after things settled down in the house, we went back out to the fire and did smores. Normally i'm not supposed to have sweets like that, but i kinda forgot to eat today while i was outside, so about supper time, my sugar was REally low, so in my mind, i could have whatever i wanted.

i learned today that sometimes i'm too focused on getting punished, and i don't think much about the good girl treatment that i could be getting instead. i realized this when She told me what a good girl i was today and how proud of me she was. i mean, it was unexpected. i didn't even think i'd hear from her today. We both have a significant other, so we usually spend all our time with our families on the weekend. But today, i got a surprise call from her, and that made me Very Happy! So when she heard about all i had done today, her voice lit up, and i could tell she was genuinely proud of me...and that just felt REally, really good!

Things are going well. Baby steps...goals...time...each day seems to fill another piece of the puzzle. i'm happy. :)


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